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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Refutating Wahabis- Hadith on intercession Tawassul of ibn Umar ra from ibn Abbas r.a

Refutating Wahabis-
Hadith on intercession
Tawassul of ibn Umar ra
from ibn Abbas r.a

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  1. Refutating Wahabis-
    Hadith on intercession
    Tawassul of ibn Umar ra
    from ibn Abbas r.a

    Now coming to main point and
    misquotation of hadith by
    Wahabis [pseudo salafis]
    The arabic of the hadith of
    Abbas bin Abdul Mutlib(Radhi'Allah
    Anho) is this:
    كان إذا قحطوا
    استسقى بالعباس بن عبد
    المطلب فقال اللهم إنا
    وإنانتوسلإليك بعم نبينا
    فاسقنا قال فيسقون
    And correct translation is
    this: O Allah! We would use our
    Prophet(Peace Be Upon Him)as a
    means(Waseela) to Youand
    You then sent us rain; now we
    use our Prophet's uncle as a
    means(Waseela)to You.
    mashallah, this Haditheven
    further proves that Waseela
    from alive people(awliyas) is
    also allowed. For Example,If a
    person says that I love coffee
    then it does not mean that he is
    saying that I hate tea.
    Similarly, Hazrat Umar's asking
    through Hazrat Abbas does not
    prove that Waseela of
    Prophet Mohammad(Peace
    Be Upon Him) is
    prohibited. nor does it says
    that any where
    but let me answer you
    from classical imamsnow ,
    andhow ibn Abbas (ra) asked
    How did Ibn abbas (Ra)
    prayed himself , lets see
    He (Ra) prayed in these
    words to Allah
    اللهم إنه لم ينزل بلاء إلا
    بذنب , ولم يكشف إلا
    بتوبة , وقد توجه القوم بي
    إليك لمكاني من نبيك
    O Allah,calamity (and trouble)
    comes as a result of sin and only
    penitence lifts this calamity, and
    the people, because of my
    relation with Your Prophet
    ( صلى الله عليه وآله
    وسلم), have offered me to
    Youas a means of seeking Your
    help, and these hands of ours,
    besmeared in sins, are before
    You and our foreheads are
    bowed down with penitence. So
    give us rain
    ►Ibn Hajar ‘Asqalānī narrated it
    in Fath-ul-bārī (2:497)
    ► Subkī, Shifā’-us-siqām fī
    ziyārat khayr-il-anām (p.128)
    ►Qastallānī, al-Mawāhib-ul-
    laduniyyah (4:277)
    ►Zurqānī in his Commentary
    Allah o Akbar, Even Ibn Abbas
    (Rah) prayed saying on account
    of my relation with Your
    Prophet ( صلى الله عليه
    وآله وسلم ), have offered
    me to You, This proves
    Tawassul through Ahle bait and
    Awliyas (Rah) are alive ,
    Why Al Abbas (Ra) was
    asked to do Dua, By Imam
    Ibn Hajar Asqalani (Rah)
    إن رسول الله صلى الله
    عليه وسلم كان يرى
    للعباس ما يرى الولد
    للوالد , فاقتدوا أيها الناس
    برسول الله صلى الله
    عليه وسلم في عمه العباس
    واتخذوه وسيلة إلى الله
    Rasul Ullah(salallaho alaihi
    wasalam) used to take Al-
    Abbas(RA)like a son takes his
    father. O People You should also
    follow the Prophet (saw) incase
    of Al-Abbas(RA) and make
    him an Intercessor to Allah.
    [Fath al Bari 2:497]
    So this was order of Prophet
    (Salehalawaalihi wasalam) to do
    it , no where it says going to
    Prophet's (Salehalawaalihi
    wasalam) grave is haram or
    shirk so they can't ask him
    Reply you fromimam Hajar
    (rah) again
    Ibn Hajar `Asqalaniwrites more
    about this Tawasul of Ibn e
    Abbas (ra)
    "The episode involving
    `Abbâs makes it clear that
    to seek intercession from
    the virtuous, the pious and
    members of the Prophet's
    family is a desirable act. In
    addition, this event proves the
    high status of `Abbâs as well as
    reveals `Umar's respect for him
    and the acknowledgement of his
    ►Ibn Hajar `Asqalânî, Fath-ul-
    bârî, 2:497;
    ►Zurqânî, Sharh-ul-Mawâhib,
    Allah o akbar, Where didany
    imam (rah) said its shirkso
    Sahabi (ra) didn't do it, They all
    missed such a big issue

  2. ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄
    Imam Suyuti (rah) on the
    hadith refuting wahabi claim
    "In the year 17 `Umar enlarged
    the Prophetic mosque. That year
    there was a drought in the Hijaz.
    It was named the Year of
    Cinders (`am al-ramada). `Umar
    prayed for rain for the people
    by means of al-`Abbas. Ibn Sa`d
    narrated from [the Sahabi] Niyar
    al-Aslami that when `Umar came
    came out to pray for rain,
    he came out wearing the
    cloaks (burd) of the
    Messenger of Allah, upon
    him blessings and peace.
    Al-Suyuti mentions the
    context of this event in his
    Tarikh al-Khulafa' (Beirut,
    1992 Ahmad Fares ed. p.
    140): ]
    Intercession through this cloak ,
    Even Hadrat Umar (Ra) was
    wearing Prophet's
    (salehalawaalihi wasalam) cloak
    at the time, , Now what is
    importance of the cloak , lets
    see ,
    Intercession through this cloak
    ...Here is the cloak of Allah's
    Messenger (may peace be upon
    him). and she brought out to me
    that cloak made of Persian cloth
    with a hem of brocade , and its
    sleeves bordered with brocade
    and said: This wall Allah's
    Messenger's cloak with 'A'isha
    until she died, and when she
    died. I got possession of it. The
    Apostle of Allah (may peace
    be upon him) used to wear
    that, and we washed it for
    the sick and sought cure
    Sahih Muslim Book 024,
    Number 5149:
    So this hadith proves that
    Awliyas [rah] who are alive
    can be used for Wasila, and
    even Hadrat Ibn Abbas [ra]
    asked Allah through wasila .
    No where hadith says
    Sahabas [ra] asked because
    Prophet [salehalawaalihi
    wasalam ] died.