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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A strong bias exists against the Holy Messenger’s link with Allah and his link between Allah and the believers, among the infidels blasphemers, polytheists and hypocrites. This bias has traveled down through ages in all societies other than Muslim. The Holy Qur'an presents irrefutable realities and firm dogmas and beliefs for a peaceful earthly life and a triumphant return to the paradise. The anti-Islamic forces, out of their sheer prejudice, have always been dynamic to harm, one way or the other, the believers all over the globe.

Owing to their material advancement over last few centuries, they are engaged in gratifying their hostile instinct against Islam. They conspire against the source springs of our human resources i.e. our belief in spiritual realities of life, our infinite love for the Holy Messenger and our unity on the divine principles. Having acquired a superiority in scientific advancement, they challenge our dogmas and beliefs as unscientific whims worth immediate abandonment.

Unfortunately, the Muslim scholars, the custodians of Islam’s spiritual system of life, remained incompetent to defend their position due to their ignorance in modern scientific disciplines — a factor, contributory to the predicament. The situation has worsened because the Muslim as well as the non-Muslim youth all over the world are brought up in scientific environment. It is modern learning that formats their minds. They, therefore, reject all they find incompatible with their acquired knowledge about man and his life on the earth.

This was a ripe opportunity for the antagonists, which they exploited well against the Islamic faith and belief in spiritual values.

At this juncture, we are required to fulfill our responsibility to our beloved Prophet (A) and thwart, on scientific grounds, the conspiracies against Islamic spiritualism.

The Western philosophies and psychologies have almost confirmed the authenticity of spiritual realities of life. They are now incapable to gainsay psychic experiences and their underlying truth. The scientific bases of these experiences refer to magnetic sensitivity in humans, electromagnetic energies that permeate our atmosphere, the flow of –ive and +ive ions in the atmosphere affecting our brain functions, the functions of pineal gland and many other empirical grounds of transcendent experience that are yet to be explored.

This magnetic base of spiritual experience which the hostile camp has unveiled for their own reasons, has proved to be a welcome discovery of modern science for Islamic spiritualism. The Holy Qur'an has revealed magnetism as a vital force of spiritual communication between the believers, the Auliya and the Holy Prophet (A) and Allah. A chained link among all spiritual beings exists which operates through magnetic brain waves. They function like spiritual magnets as do the physical magnets according to the laws of Physics. The Holy Qur'an, Ahadith, Sunnah and the lives of Auliya are replete with episodes that amply prove the magnetic truth of their spiritual network and their effectiveness towards emancipation of man and his prosperous return to the Paradise lost.

The infidels, blasphemers, hypocrites and the people of the Book need to accept this reality for their own benefit. The source of human deliverance from earthly miseries lies in Islam’s spiritual system of life. The believers need to get their belief reassured and the unbelievers should feel prepared to submit to the truth with an open mind. They should embrace Islam for their emancipation and success in the life here and hereafter. In their heart of hearts they are convinced of Islamic spiritualism as a scientific reality.

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