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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Qur'an, Science and Phenomenology of Spiritual System

The Holy Qur’an on Divine Status of Auliya Allah

The style and expression of the Holy Qur’an is charged with wisdom, guidance and exhortation. In the same exhorting style it addresses, on occasions, our dearest and the most adorable Holy Prophet (SAW), and these exhortations contain implied instructions for the whole Ummah. In the following verse of the Holy Qur’an Allah goads his most kind and beloved Messenger:

(O’my servant), stand fast in the companionship of those who call on their Lord morning and evening, seeking His pleasure and satisfaction (by accomplishing His plans) and let not your eyes (your affectionate and kind care) pass beyond them. Do you pursue adornments of worldly life (turning away from the indigent)? Nor follow any whose heart We have made heedless of Our remembrance (neglectful of Allah’s commands), the one who follows his own lusts and who has gone beyond all bounds (whose ways are unbridled).[1]

Allah Almighty has enjoined the whole Muslim Ummah, through His divine “bond” with the beloved Messenger (SAW), to continue tenaciously and with utter involvement the companionship of those who enjoy the ecstasy of calling on Allah the Sustainer. Morning and evening they spend every moment conscious of their spiritual contact with Allah and accomplish His plans in the world. Doing all chores of life, they need nothing except pleasure and satisfaction Allah Seeking His proximity, they long only for ‘union’ with Him and pass away in the same state. They are the Auliya Allah, His companions. ‘Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Allah They call on Allah and Allah calls on them’. Their dignity lies in the fact that those Muslims, who seek spiritual contact with Allah, are required to join the pious and pure company of Allah’s companions. This is the spiritual world. They are spiritually so intimate to the Creator that we are exhorted to establish a contact with them. Maulana Room has also emphasized:

The desirous of Allah’s company must sit with Allah’s friends.

The glimpses from spiritual life of Auliya Allah have already depicted this spiritual contact with Allah. The Islamic history is replete with anecdotes of Allah’s friends and their disciples. These episodes are authentic and irrefutable records of the wonders of Islamic spiritualism manifested through routine activities of the saints and their dedicated followers.

Ghous-e-Azam Syedana Abdul Qader Jilani Hadrat Khwaja Moeen-ud-Din Chishti Ajmairi, Hadrat Baha-ud-Din Zakria Multani, Hadrat Shah Rukn-e-Alam and Hadrat Data Ganj Bakhsh (RTA), were those few who attained Allah’s proximity and achieved His bliss. The above-quoted verse of the Holy Qur’an commands us to join the company of such spiritually elevated Auliya Allah and feed on their spiritual charity and benevolence. Their companionship would ‘systematically’ lead us to Allah’s companionship and win us His favours. They are not ambitious of paradise, position or fame. Nor do they long for ‘noble spouses matching in age, specially created for Allah’s friends in reward of their noble deeds.’ The sole incentive that keeps them awake is the chance for a glimpse of Allah’s face. The Qur’an enjoins those who seek Allah’s sight to perpetually glance at the face of ‘His Friends’. Allah has also commanded to stay away from those who have neglected Allah’s remembrance:

Do not follow him whose heart We have made heedless to Our remembrance.[2]

And in Chapter An‘am:

So, do not (ever) continue to sit with the trespassers after you recollect.[3]

These verses adequately elaborate the main thought that we have to keep away from the company of those who can drag us away from Allah This is obligatory to persist with the companionship of those who are in contact with Allah in order to acquire Allah’s love and affection. For that, absolute abandonment of worldly ambitions is a pre-requisite. Pious company makes you while the evil one breaks you.

Why Companionship of Allah’s Friends?

Instead of detaching oneself from reality around, drunken with private meditation and calling “Allah, Allah” in isolation, why shouldn’t we join the company of Allah’s Friends complying with the divine instructions? According to Islamic Shariah code, what is the significance of getting into the spiritual “channel” swearing fealty and allegiance placing hand on hand, and establishing affiliation with the “Auliya Allah ”? Why shouldn’t we establish a direct bond with Allah and why to have a go-between? Why to have the link of His ‘devotee’ in between whereas eventually we aspire only for closeness to Allah Almighty ?

These inquiries bear significance for two reasons. Firstly, the spiritual thought and spiritualism is tapering off gradually. ‘The supremacy of mind over matter’ is a phrase people do use more often than not. But, ‘the supremacy of the spiritual over the material’ is not commonly appreciated. Materialism and materialistic thinking with empirical education is predominating religious education and even the highly educated and learned people examine and scrutinize Islam against materialistic criteria. Instead of tailoring their worldly affairs according to the Islamic concept of life, they attempt to fit Islamic teachings into the frame of their material interests. Such a worldly wisdom suspends the belief that the spiritual values of life are the greatest factor in the estimate of ‘reality’. It replaces generosity with selfishness and munificence with pride in possession. The materialist becomes myopic to the fact that the material is ephemeral and relative and the spiritual is eternal and absolute. He fails to comprehend how through all the fire of persecution Ibrahim (D) remained unhurt, how the inanimate world gets under spiritual command and how stones turn into emeralds when touched by Dhun-Noon. The miracles of spiritual might (mo’ojizat) are beyond his dimensioned wisdom.

Secondly, in our age, inactivity is coupled with corrupted creeds. In religious circles, the pseudo monotheists deny the spiritual greatness and dignity of the Auliya and regard their teachings as ‘perverse innovations and atheistic pile of sayings’. These so-called religious intellectuals do not award any status to spiritual systems in Shariah. Nor do they regard it of any historical and religious significance. The damage they have done is beyond estimate. People have lost the right path; they are deprived of the only chance, before death, of self-purification during their stay on earth. They are inert and inactive towards their life hereafter. Who will reconstruct them into pious souls that Allah so earnestly desires them to become? Only the Auliya Allah bring about the spiritual arrangement for such a rebuilt and reformation of our personalities. Unfortunately, however, people are being pulled and dragged away from teachings of Allah’s Companions, their divine affiliation and ‘spiritual channels’. The number of people is increasing who question the legitimacy of considering spiritual personalities and mystics as linking channel between Allah and His ‘devotees’. This controversy is confusing the mind of the common man.

However, when we turn to the Holy Qur’an for guidance on this issue, we are enlightened that Allah has declared His “Friends” (Aulia) as a go-between arrangement to lead his servants to purification, fruition of their virtues and ultimate emancipation. This is the basic principle even of all professional training as well as general education that the experienced and the experts impart on the job training (OJT) to the novice who gradually and with dedicated efforts acquire skills and learn and one day become experts themselves.

The spiritual bond with Allah is not a man-made ‘channel’. It is beyond man’s capacity to bring about such arrangements. This is Allah’s divine Will that His Friends are inevitable for spiritual uplift of common man. This is what the Qur’anic verse denotes:

Stand fast in the companionship of those (friends of Allah).[4]

Affiliation and intimacy with them is mandatory to ensure access to Allah. Once the bond of companionship is established they win us Allah’s nearness.

A Divine Rule since the Creation of Universe

Allah Almighty appointed His Messengers to convey the massage of His Oneness to humanity. These Apostles accomplished this divine task from Adam (D) to Allah’s last Messenger (SAW). This has been the divine practice since the creation of the universe that Allah communicates His message to His creatures through the ‘divine medium’ of his Messengers. During their worldly term, He made them an intermediary between Him and His creatures. After the cessation of Prophets’ channel, the divine duty of keeping His servants from evil has been assigned to His Friends – the Companions of Allah’s Messenger (SAW). This practice will last to the Day of Judgment.

This is Almighty Allah’s ‘divine strategy’ that He sends out message of His Oneness to humanity through the Holy Prophet. He enjoins:

Proclaim, He is Allah, the Single.[5]

If someone asks Allah to pronounce His Unity (Oneness) Himself directly without any channel, He would rejoin: This is below My Dignity to address My creatures directly. Nor any human is permitted to talk to me without any ‘medium’. Allah has revealed in the Holy Qur’an:

And no one can dare speak to Allah (directly); however, (there are three ways: ) either through revelation or from behind a veil or Allah should send some angel to reveal by His command that which He pleases. Surely He is High, Wise.[6]

This verse of the Holy Qur’an amply elucidates that Allah gets this task accomplished by His chosen ones –His Messengers, the Prophets. Allah declares that He talks to His Messengers whom He appoints His Prophets (Rasool), shares His secrets with them and bestows upon them His glad tidings. Hence His revelation: “My beloved Rasool (Messenger), I appointed you My Prophet; Approach your folk and proclaim My Oneness and covey to them what I have told you.”

The Qur’anic verse: “Proclaim, He is Allah, the One, The Only,” connotes both monotheism (Tauheed) and Prophethood (Rasalat). The word “ Proclaim” signifies the Messenger’s Prophethood and rest of the verse implies monotheism. This verse of the Holy Qur’an explicates that monotheism begins with the Messenger (SAW) of Allah as it commands the Prophet to declare (for the consumption of the people) that “ Allah is the One, the Only.”

The crux of the matter is that Allah does not speak to any one directly. He conveys His message through the channel of His Messenger, and vice versa. No body can establish any direct communication with Allah. As validated in the Holy verse on Oneness of Allah, He delivers His tidings to His creatures not directly but through His Prophet (SAW) We, therefore, in no capacity can develop a bond with Him without the go-between link of the Holy Messenger (SAW). This is Allah’s sovereign Will. We are instruction-bound and therefore, cannot trespass.

By My Lord, this is Allah’s Threshold

Allah has manifested this permanent (unchangeable) value through His revelation: to submit your obedience to me, surrender to My Messenger.”

Whosoever obeys the Messenger, has obeyed Allah indeed.[7]

This is a categorical imperative: “ O’ My servants! Never forget that your obedience to my Messenger is complementary to your obedience to Me. Beware! You must not even think of obeying Me without your total submission to My Messenger.”

This point is further elaborated in the Holy Qur’an:

(O’ my beloved Messenger), Proclaim, if you love Allah then obey me. (In return) Allah will award you His love and affection.”[8]

Allah has clearly pronounced, “O my dearest Messenger, inform all if they love Allah and claim to be His believers, they are required to love you and obey your exhortations. The one who implements this command, will be awarded Allah’s affection and fondness.” Another significant aspect to this proclamation is that obedience to Allah without obedience, love and devotion for the Messenger is abhorred and rejected.

O ye who believe, do not raise your voices above the voice of my Messenger, nor speak aloud to him in discourse, as you may speak aloud to one another, lest your virtuous deeds are rendered vain while you perceive not.[9]

Allah has made His Messenger a communication link between Him and His servants and wants to confirm that His servants have thoroughly comprehended His Will. It is, therefore, settled once for all that without linking up with the intermediary connection, no claim of humility, love and obedience for Allah would be accorded any approval.

All believers must submit totally to the instructions and guidance of Allah’s Messenger (SAW). It is further consolidated:

When My servants inquire from you, O’ My Prophet , tell them I am close.’[10]

It implies that when the believers seek Him and inquire from His Messenger (SAW), they should be clearly informed that Allah is close by them. Allah is very close to His servants. But how can we identify those fortunate souls who are being given the happy tidings of Allah’s closeness? Reading in between the lines, we learn that they are those who seek the favours and bounties of Allah’s Messenger (SAW). Allah loves those who love and obey His ‘Rasool’ (SAW). Love for Allah and his ‘Rasool’ is essential for faith.

If your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your spouses and your family ties as well as the wealth you have acquired and the business you dread will fall off, plus the dwellings you are so fond of are dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger (SAW) or striving for His sake then wait around till Allah brings His command to pass. Allah does not guide such immoral folk.[11]

The one who turns away from Muhammad-ur-Rasool-Allah (SAW), invites Allah’s displeasure and goes to rack and ruin. He falls from the status of Allah’s servant and is demeaned. In this context, Imam Ahamd Raza composed a charged poetic verse:

By my Lord, this is Allah’s door, inescapable;

Wherefrom we get Allah’s favors;

Turning away from here (Muhammad) implies

Turning away from there (Allah).

Inevitability of Messenger’s Channel for Allah’s Servants

The Holy Messenger (SAW) is an indispensable link between Allah and his believers. When the hypocrites, out of their rivalry and prejudice refused to obey the Messenger, Allah revealed to the Holy Prophet (SAW) how to recognize such double dealers:

When they are exhorted to turn to Allah’s revelation and His Messenger, you will see the hypocrites will turn away from you.[12]

This is a pertinent point to ponder over. The hypocrites do not hesitate in turning to Allah . They evade when they are enjoined to grovel themselves in front of the Messenger (SAW). They do not recognize his inevitable link with Allah. They turn away from him instead. Allah has categorically declared them as hypocrites who suffer from this malady and deny the link of Holy Prophet (SAW) between Allah and the believers.

The aforesaid Qur’anic verse has established the fact that obedience to the Holy Messenger (SAW) is the only way which leads to Allah . We cannot reach our destination without abiding by his commands. The trespasser, despite his devotion diligence and obedience, would never be accepted as a true servant. The great Persian mystic poet and scholar Sa‘ady holds: “Whosoever turns away from the Messenger, cannot reach his destination.”

Allah is the Creator, the All-Powerful. He wills and executes. Nothing is beyond His Might. He could arrange direct revelation to all His servants. Instead, He communicated His message to them through His Messenger. He could assign the angels to place a chapter of revelation daily by everybody’s pillow and task to learn it by heart every morning. Allah could also adopt for every believer the way He spoke to His selected and the chosen Messenger (SAW). This way, there could be a direct link of every creature, man and woman with Allah . But, Allah’s wisdom and sagacity cannot be questioned. It is all prevailing. He decided that the Holy Messenger (SAW) is the inevitable link for dissemination of Allah’s message. Cognizance about Allah entails awareness about the Holy Prophet (SAW). To know Allah we have to know the Holy prophet (SAW).

The Order Of Names in stamp of the Holy Prophet (SAW)

The Holy Prophet (SAW) possessed a ring with the words “Muhammad, Rasool, Allah” inscribed in it. He used this ring as his stamp.1

He used to stamp the letters addressed to contemporary rulers with the ring. These letters have been printed and are easily available. The transcript of Arabic Language runs from right to left. In the holy ring of our Prophet (SAW) this arrangement is changed to vertically ascending order: ‘Muhammad’ in the bottom, ‘Rasool’ in the middle and ‘Allah’ on the top. This arrangement of words in vertical direction is not a co-incidence. It symbolizes Muhammad’s link with Allah . Those desirous of closeness to Allah are required first to obey and humble their souls in front of Allah’s Messenger (SAW). This ascending vertical order is actually the required order of our access to Allah . We have only to reach the exalted court of our most dignified and adorable Prophet (SAW). He takes care of our access to Allah . Allah has himself comprehensively outlined the role of our dearest Prophet (SAW) in this regard:

Surely, a Messenger has come to you from among yourselves; grievously heavy is it on him that you should fall into trouble, ardently desirous is he of your welfare: compassionate and merciful towards the believers.[13]

We believers are warned by Allah to keep our voices low to the voice of our beloved Holy Prophet (SAW) lest our righteous works go waste and fruitless.(Al-Qur’an 49:2).

His door is, in fact, Allah’s threshold. Allah gives and bestows and His Messenger (SAW) distributes. We get everything from our charitable Prophet (SAW) who is compassionate and merciful. Overwhelmed by his love and devotion, we prostrate our souls in front of him to ensure our obedience to him and our faith in the Oneness of Allah . We bow down in front of Him to strengthen Allah’s love in our souls. The holy dust of his sacred shoes illumines our soul – our real self inside us. We place our foreheads at his radiant footsteps and our access to his holy feet and footsteps means for us our ascension to divine heights.

Your elevation is Ascension to Allah’s divine Solitude;

Our elevation is our access to your feet.

Distribution of Allah’s Blessing by the Holy Prophet (SAW)

This is settled now that without our total submission to the Holy Prophet’s (SAW) authority, we cannot avail Allah’s bliss and compassion. We must never forget of the fact that the Messenger’s bliss and bountiful dividends are a harbinger of Allah’s delight and satisfaction with His obedient devotees. The Messenger’s (SAW) ‘link’ is the means to set up a contact with Allah . Any effort to renounce this ‘Channel’ will be a satanic attempt to abort Allah’s arrangement. This fact is verified by the Holy Messenger’s declaration:

I distribute and Allah the Sustainer, bestows.[14]

This hadîth first treats ‘distribution’ of bounties and then mentions ‘provision’. This order underlines the significance of the Distributor of bounties (SAW) who, feeling heavy at heart for those who are prone to go astray, gives them a passionate call, “Do not lose the right path; I am the ‘Distributor’. If you are seeking charity of My love and affection, bliss and bounties, you will find in abundance. For that you have to approach me. Abandoning me would be disastrous for you and will put you in humiliation and disgrace. Allah’s bounties are distributed only at this doorstep. Incline to Allah’s message; I welcome you.”

The ‘Channel’ of Aulia Allah

Allah has ordained:

(O’my Messenger), stand fast in the companionship of those who call on their Lord morning and evening seeking His Pleasure and Satisfaction (by accomplishing His plans) and let not your eyes (your affectionate and kind care) pass beyond them. Do you pursue adornments of worldly life (turning away from the indigent)? Nor follow any whose heart We have made heedless of Our remembrance (neglectful of Allah’s commands), the one who follows his own lusts and who has gone beyond all bounds (whose ways are unbridled).[15]

Through this verse of the Holy Qur’an Allah has provided us with a go-between link or the ‘channel’ of His companions who call on Allah morning and evening and are His Friends. They receive bounties from the doorsteps of Allah’s Messenger (SAW) and give away to the common believers. They put them on the right path and make them stick to Allah’s ‘rope’ – His Deen.

Allah exhorts us how to approach Him: O’ My servants, establish your link with those who spend their morning and evening, lifted out of themselves in My remembrance, and drink excessively the extract of My presence and their nights and days pass in My remembrance.

Those who seek access to Allah must stand fast in the companionship of His friends—Auliâ; join their social circle, attend their sessions of ecstasy and taste what extract they derive from Allah’s remembrance day and night. If you fail to get a sip, even the smell would suffice to transport you out of your ‘self’ and link you up with Allah.

Drunk without wine, drunk with Vision;
A glimpse divine snatches my reason.

Allah warns the believers not to turn their eyes away from the face of His friends nor ever must they look down upon them, lest He turns His eyes away from them, resulting into their devastation.

Furthering the exhortation, Allah says: “Do you want to remain fettered in this temporal world and remain indifferent to the rewards in the life hereafter? If you have a concern for the hereafter, attend to ‘My Friends’. If you abandon materialistic pursuits put aside the worldly gains and glitter and prefer their company; they will transform you into Allah’s pursuers and altruists. If you desert them and turn aside, your worldly ambitions and lusts urges will take you to total devastation. The worldly craze will keep you away from the remembrance of Allah and hereafter and will ruin you.” Allah warns:

Don’t obey the one whose heart We have made heedless to Our remembrance.[16]

Beware! Do not obey the one whose heart We have made heedless to Our remembrance. If you comply with their instructions and follow them, you will get away from Us and would be liable to a big deprivation here and hereafter.

The instruction contained in this verse refers to ‘awareness of, proximity to and union with Allah attainable through an attachment and companionship with those who are the inevitable means to acquire the Messenger’s bounties. The inference is that as the Messenger is the ‘Channel’ to obtain Allah’s bounties so are Allah’s Friends to attain the Messenger’s bounties.

Co-relation between Science and the Channel of Spiritualism

As mentioned in the beginning, there is no contradiction between Deen-Al-Islam and Science. The days are not very far off when the scientific investigations and findings will validate the fundamental Islamic realities. However, in this respect, the Muslim scholars and intellectuals and the expert scientists have yet to accomplish substantial work. In modern days, corroborating the verity and veracity of Islam through contemporary scientific disciplines is the need of the hour. It cannot be neglected any more.

Today the cautious mind, devoid of Islamic insight and living in doubt and distrust, questions the possibility of continuous contact with the Messenger of Allah for spiritual prosperity. For him this is also beyond comprehension as to how Auliya Allah receive bounties from the Holy Messenger (SAW) and pass them on to us. How can we reason it out? What is the phenomenology of the spiritual ‘Channels’ and the descent of spiritual contents from generation to generation? These and many other similar questions keep crowding the modern mind.

The scientific method is such a standard and certified means to perceive and ascertain reality that, putting it to use, the modern man infers and formulates concepts on the basis of observation and rational thinking. These concepts are subjected to series of tests and experiments for verification and validation. Scientific study is conducted on the basis of objective facts. Here we have to compare it with religion. Science and religion work in separate, unrelated and independent jurisdictions. Science encompasses only the empirical realities and their causality. Things beyond causal framework are not included in its purview. The religion, on the other hand deals with metaphysical realities and the matters related to the life hereafter. Their jurisdictions being absolutely unrelated, their mutual contradiction and conflict is illogical and irrational. Simultaneously, all scientific advancement proves one thing with authenticity that the basis of the universe is spiritual rather than material. The dependence of the phenomenal world on the Divine Will (spiritual) is unconditional and absolute. All material things are held in the firm grip of inexorable natural laws (spiritual). These laws flow from the Divine Will of Allah . That is why in several verses of the Holy Qur’an, we are exhorted to ponder over the regularity of natural phenomena which is the reflection of the Divine Will, the very source of its material existence. Those who study this process day and night are called Ulamâ (scholars) by the Holy Qur’an. In modern times they are known as the ‘scientists’.

Modern science, after discovering the nuclear energy, has revealed that every particle of this universe is fully charged with an infinite energy, which can be employed for some marvelous accomplishments in the universe. After sorting out the complexities of Einstein’s equation of relativity i.e. E=mc2, science has discovered this secret of nature that the matter can be converted into energy. Science and Islam (generally called religion) therefore, do not clash or conflict. They are two sides of the same coin. Nor is it logical to believe that they cannot cope up with one another. This is irrational rather absurd. Obviously, science deals with material life and its manifestations; it is not clear about spiritual life. Islam, on the other side, deals exclusively with the sphere of spiritual life and reforms and ameliorates the life here and hereafter through its application on material life.

Science: The Greatest Contemporary Standard of Knowledge

The material advancement is at its apex in our age. Science is the greatest criterion of knowledge in this corporeal world. Everything is evaluated and assessed against this standard. All that comes up to this, is considered reality. Falling short of it would be liable to rejection as a whim, fancy or a suspicion. With this overwhelming empiricism, the modern scientific inquiries are validating and verifying Islamic teachings.[17]

Unfortunately, the Muslim Ummah has fallen prey to ‘materialism’; it is diverging from spiritual life. Islam too is being obscured as materialistic. The modern educated youth is the victim of materialistic tendencies, intellectual paucity, confusion and doubt. In his view, the reality must conform to scientific method. Owing to lack of knowledge and awareness of fundamental teachings of Islam, he regards religious beliefs as inane and absurd. The modern educated people hold that following ‘Auliya Allah’, linking up with their ‘Spiritual Channels’ and joining their annual celebrations is nothing but timeworn traditions based on ignorance. From scientific point of view they are considered of least significance. These people, however, are absolutely ignorant of contemporary knowledge. They regard science and ‘Deen’ as two conflicting disciplines. Nevertheless, what we observe is that science is gradually proving true the miracles of the Messenger (SAW) and incredible accomplishments of Allah’s Friends. Science, through its explorations is getting closer to spiritual reality. There is a dire need of educating the people on this extremely important aspect of the issue in question.

To make easy the comprehension of Islamic philosophy and teachings from this standpoint, we elucidate some aspects of science to prove that scientific discoveries are in fact the interpretations of the Holy Qur’an. This will also make the mature young mind realize that the religious people do not have merely parables of the old to narrate. Islam is a scientific reality. In the perspective of teachings of the Holy Qur’an, without getting into details and remaining in the purview of this dissertation, the essential and relevant information on science is served to the reader to create a rapport on scientific interpretation of Islamic Spiritualism.

Analogy of Geo-magnetism of the Earth

Strenuous work has been accomplished on magnet especially on Super Electro Magnetism. Magnetism is a force that attracts everything located in its area of influence called ‘magnetic field.’ It has its own range. The power of each magnet determines its range. The Earth is also a very big magnet. Its range is spread over 80,000 kilometers. Like other planets in the universe, its magnetic field is proportional to its mass. Its magnetic force is generated from its poles known as North and South poles. The properties of gravitation can be well explained with the help of a compass. The moment we place it on the surface of the Earth, its needles whirl North-South. The common needles, however, remain static when placed on the ground; they are ‘unaware’ of any north or south. What force then turns the compass needles North-South? The magnetic needle corresponding to the Earth pole is not the common needle; it is compass needle. It is the correspondence of poles that has turned the needle pole-wards.

Magnetic System of Spiritual Universe

The materialists who are blind to the spiritual reality, often enquire as to how a friend of Allah - ‘Walî Allah’, can attend to his disciple - ‘Murîd’ thousands of miles distant from him. How their interaction is possible with such a great geographical distance in between? The answer, however, to such dubious probes is very simple. Allah is All-Powerful and All-Knowing. He has provided the Earth and other planets like Mercury, with such a magnetic force which attracts to their respective centers, meteorites floating in space millions of miles away. These meteorites fall on these planets due to the latter’s gravitational pull.

Doesn’t the All-Powerful Creator of the Universe have the capability to convert the material realities into spiritual ones? The All-Powerful does that, but only the one who is endowed with spiritual insight and divine vision, can discern this fact.

The Chief Pole of the Spiritual Universe: The Holy Prophet (SAW)

The victims of materialism need to know that their hearts resemble a common needle. For having no magnetic correspondence with any spiritual pole they fail to perceive that divine light which is spread beyond east and west.

There is only one eminent force of spiritual universe, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW), reposing in Madînah. The Earth has two poles: North and South. Correspondingly, the compass needle turns North-South. The Spiritual Universe spanning from the Earth beyond the skies up to the Divine Solitude, has its chief pole in Madînah. The needles characterized by the Earth’s poles no more remain common ones; they change into magnetic needles for their dedicated link with the poles and automatically turn North-South without any visible link. Analogously, the heart of a believer remains in constant contact with the Holy Prophet (SAW) every moment for the bountiful and generous heed of his. The hearts that get involved with the Holy ‘Rasool’, the Messenger of Allah remain no more ordinary; they become extraordinary hearts due to the spiritual charge they receive. They get attached to the ‘source of sustenance for all the worlds’. Even without a tangible link, their direction gets fixed: be it Baghdad, Ajmair, Lahore or Multan, they remain inclined to ‘Muhammad Mustafa’ (SAW). The disconnection from this bountiful ‘Channel’ would imply malfunction of the ‘heart needle’ and disengagement with the spiritual pole; the provision of bounties though persists endlessly.

All planets and heavenly bodies floating in this vast universe in their respective orbits always have two poles emitting magnetic waves and attracting other bodies towards them. The spiritual universe, on the other hand, spanning from the depths of the Earth beyond the Skies has only one pole located on Earth in our ‘devotion-land’ i.e. Madînah Munawwarah. This is an outcome of the spiritual magnetic system that the heart once involved with the spiritual pole in Madînah would get its direction fixed forever. The magnetic attention of the most amiable and the kindest Messenger of Allah (SAW), is even today channeling all the believers’ psychic direction towards the pole, analogous to the Earth’s magnetic pull that controls the direction of magnetic needles of the compass North-Southward.

Making of Magnets? Difference between the Leader (Sheikh) and the Disciple (Murid)

There are two methods of magnet making or magnetization of iron. The first and the endurable method of making a magnet is called electric charge magnet. By this method, electric current is passed through a piece of iron. The resultant magnet is known as electric charged magnet.

According to the Holy Qur'an, these magnets symbolize those Auliya Allah:

Who remember Allah morning and evening and seek His consent.[18]

Allah described them as His Friends who remain absorbed in the remembrance of Allah morning and evening. This process of persistent remembrance, continual worship, self-purification and self-strife brings them a permanent spiritual charge. Then they work like electric charged magnets. The spiritual magnets so produced are placed to spread bounties of Muhammad Mustafa (SAW) in the person of Data Ganj Bakhsh in Lahore, Ghawth-e-A‘zam in Baghdad, Khawaja Moeen-ud-Din Chishtî in Ajmair and Baha-ud-Din Zakaria in Multan.

The second method of making magnets is based on the principal of staying in persistent contact with a magnet. A piece of iron is rubbed against a magnet and this way the magnetic force is transferred into it. Through contact (and steadfast companionship) the piece of iron becomes a magnet and starts attracting common iron items towards itself.

In the world of spiritual magnets, this category comprises such people who are infirm in the struggle with ‘self’, diligent worship and purification. They cannot perform hard labour but do have a flame in them to purify their ‘inner self’ of all evils, indecencies, immoralities and sinful urges to attain Allah’s pleasure and consent. They live and prosper like mini-magnets of spiritualism.

Stand fast in the companionship of those (friends of Allah)[19]

In this Qur’anic verse are mentioned those truth seekers who join companionship of Allah’s Friends and inculcate in themselves the essence of divine pursuit and dedication to Allah’s consent. They are the contact-method spiritual magnets corresponding to the Qur’anic verse. The Leader or ‘Sheikh’ becomes the spiritual magnet through Electric Charge Method while the Follower or ‘Murid’ becomes a magnet through persistent companionship with his spiritual leader.

Heat Conduction Process and the Conduction of Spiritualism

The conduction of magnetism through contact Method resembles heat conduction process. A conductor put into fire gets heated up and transfers heat backward up to the grip. An iron bar is a good heat conductor and passes heat on very well. A wooden bar, on the other hand, is not a conductor; it gets burnt to ashes but is totally deprived of conducting capability.

As a piece of iron conducts heat till it receives heat, the Auliya Allah or ‘Auliâ’-e-Karâm’ deliver spiritual bounties of ‘Muhammad Mustafâ’ (SAW) to the common believer (in the manner of heat conduction), because they are continually blessed with the bounties from Madînah. Those who transfer or pass on the Messenger’s bounties call this method in terms of spiritual discipline as ‘Channel’ (Silsila). This ‘Silsila’ or ‘Channel’ starts from those ‘Auliâ’ who are blessed with spiritual magnetic force from Muhammad (SAW) in Madinah and keep delivering it onward. This ever-gushing, ever-flowing spring of bounties never dries up; it is an ever-running continual process.

An Illustration from Modern Scientific Discoveries and Electric System

In the contemporary world of science, many inventions work under Super Electro Method System. With reference to electricity, according to modern scientific advancement, the coil is cooled to an extent that its temperature falls to -269 degree centigrade. The electric resistance of the coil is reduced to nil. The electro magnet so produced can contain maximum electric current. This is worth mentioning here that average temperature of earth is 15 degree centigrade whereas the temperature of the whole universe is -270 degree centigrade.

Tazkia: Cessation of Sinful Resistance!

In terms of electricity, Tazkia is ‘cessation of all resistance against electric charge’. In terms of Islamic mysticism ‘Tazkia’ implies elimination of all resistance from sinful urges, lusts and evil impulses which come in our way to Allah’s proximity. The mystics term this experience in spiritualism as ‘Tazkia’ or purification. The Holy Qur’an signifies Tazkia as:

Triumphant indeed is he who purifies himself (of afflictions of self and sins’ pollution) .[20]

Corresponding to this allegory of Super Electro Magnetic System, Auliâ through self-strife, and self-control get rid of all lusts and low impulses like anger, jealousy, vanity, revenge etc.’ which impede our way to Allah . They cool their ‘self’ down and look like an embodiment of this Qur’anic verse:

They control anger, tolerate others faults and follies (working for their betterment) and Allah love those who strive to make up others’ deficiencies.[21]

As the Super Electro Magnet gets charged through cessation of resistance and works wonders in the physical world Allah’s Friends likewise, get purified from wrong impulses and worldly urges and absorb the bounties of Allah and His Messenger (SAW). So charged with spiritual energy, they perform wonders in the worldly life. Through this metamorphosis, their hearts work like conducting magnets. The Electro Magnet is passed through a particular process to make Super Conducting Magnet, which is then processed through Nuclear Magnetic Resonant. When a patient is placed before it, all his internal organs invisible to naked eye become discernable. The scanner with magnetic capability distinctly perceives all that is hidden and concealed inside the physical body. The ‘Auliya Allah’ through purification process acquire a vision which penetrates like a scanner and discern, through their internal (magnetic) awareness, things which are hidden may be thousand miles distant, and know the unseen. They can perceive that which the naked eye cannot see. They can look into and ahead of time.

Wonders of Spiritual Magnetism

Well-grounded and groomed in the purifying and illumining, holy and divine companionship of the Spiritual Sovereign of the Universe, the close associates and comrades of our dearest Prophet (SAW) were the Spiritual Super Conducting Magnets refined through process of ‘Tazkia’. The Holy Messenger (SAW) himself spiritually charged them. Without physical means, they could spiritually scan and monitor even the combats against the unbelievers and issue commands to their war commanders engaged in far-off battlefields. In a war against the adversaries of Islam, the commander of the Muslim army Saria bin Jabal had deployed his troops against the adversaries. In the event of war, the enemy changed its strategy and encircled the Muslim troops, catching them unaware. The Second Caliph of the Muslims, Hadrat Umar Farooq (RTA) was, at that moment, delivering his Juma’a address in Madînah. Owing to his spiritual concentration, he scanned the battlefield, saw the positions of both the warring armies and addressed the commander of his forces:

O Saria, take cover of the hill.’[22]

After issuing this command, he continued his address. He was neither equipped with any radar nor had he any direct TV Channel to monitor such a distant activity. Delivering his address in ‘Nabvi Mosque’ in Madînah, he issued instructions to his army commander engaged in the strategy of war. This was his Spiritual Magnetic Force and his inner vision that watched everything. The commander Hadrat Saria-bin-Jabal received the message of the Caliph, implemented his orders, took shelter of the hill as advised and in consequence thereof won the war. The enemy was defeated and the Muslim forces gained victory.

This episode needs to be studied in the perspective of ESP we have already discussed in the preceding chapters. How Hadrat Suleman (D) and the little ant interacted serves an analogy to the underlying spiritual reality that engenders such events.

The Auliya Allah inculcate in themselves the spiritual magnetic force. They achieve it through strenuous worship aimed at winning Allah’s pleasure. They employ methods including philanthropic and Allah fearing deeds. They implement the Holy Prophet’s instructions, follow his foot- steps and strictly comply with shariah, his code of conduct. Conforming to spiritual commands, and obeying Allah’s commandments, they purify their inner self through enveloping themselves in love and obedience of the beloved Muhammad (SAW) and thus receive favours from the Holy Messenger (SAW) and his worthy Companions.

The materialistic progress of the scientific age has almost turned the world into global village. The computer has reduced the distance and the Internet facility has reduced the world to a rye grain. A common man can observe the whole world like a rye grain placed on his palm through scientific devices. It is the scientific advancement that has elevated our vision to this level. Nonetheless, the servants of the Holy Messenger (SAW) have obtained this capability through their spiritual vehemence and well-being. They have infinite capability to bring the forces of nature into their control and service. Hadrat Ghawth-e-A‘zam Sheikh Abdul Qadar Jilani (AR) pronounced:

I discern all countries of Allah like seeing a rye grain on my palm.[23]

From Self-Purification and Perseverance to Resurrection

The magnets are also enabled through a process to generate electricity, which produces heat and light. With the conversion of electric energy into mechanical energy, the things get transformed and the dead bodies start moving. A plastic doll, for example, charged with battery gets into motion and produces many recorded sounds. It keeps moving as long as it gets charge from the battery cell. This is how in the physical world the battery-cell system enlivens the non-living objects and sets them into motion. Correspondingly, the Auliya Allah in spiritual world, animate the lifeless hearts and restore them to action and activity. Those who blessed with the companionship of Allah’s friends, get back to life again are reborn with their hearts and souls filled with the bounties of Allah’s friends. This is validated in the Holy Quran where meeting between the Prophet Moses (D) and Hadrat Khizar (D) is described. At Majma-ul-Bahrain, the residence of Hadrat Khizar, the cooked fish in Hadrat Musa’s breakfast box, got animated and jumped into the water. This episode manifests that the residential place of Hadrat Khizar (D) had a favorable climate for resurrection of the dead. The Holy Quran describes:

When both of them reached the confluence of two rivers, they forgot their fish (there);so the (fried) fish (got animated and) escaped through water as if it was a tunnel.[24]

This is how Auliya Allah resuscitate the lifeless people. They are assigned to charge them with new vitality. Khawaja Moeen-ud-Din Chishti Ajmari said about Hadrat Data Gunj Bakhsh: “He awards treasures to the world and reflects Allah’s radiance; a perfect Leader for the incompetent and a Guide to the perfect leaders.”

The System of Electric Supply and the Contact with Auliya Allah

The current system of electric power supply allegorically well-explains the channels of Aulia or Mystics in the world. Acquisition of bounties from them is relative to one’s own caliber. It would be ridiculous on one’s part to look for an electric connection directly from a Dam. How can you get a direct connection from a Dam? There is a system of electric power supply; it has its own lines that are to be strictly followed. The electricity travels from Tarbella Dam to powerhouses, further to power stations, then to transformers up to our houses according to a particular measure. After getting a connection from a transformer we use stabilizers and fuses for the safety of electric appliances. We take these safety measures because the electric points in our houses are never so strong to accept high voltage. Such a system is called Silsila, Channel.

In similitude of this electric power supply system we can better comprehend the spiritual channels and their utility and activation. Allah has blessed the universe with a spiritual reservoir (Dam) spread from the depths of the Earth beyond the skies to the divine privacy and solitude. From this Dam, the transfer and distribution of kindness, special attention, amiable attachment, favours and bounties the world over, is accomplished in the universe through different well-organized channels. This reservoir of spiritual bounties, kindness, compassion, love and affection is the most eminent holy personality of the most revered and adored Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (SAW). To pass his bliss to all the believers, there are enormous ‘Channels’ of Allah’s friends that work like ‘power distribution system’ i.e. the distribution system of spiritual power, force or energy. These Friends distribute this supply according to the recipient’s caliber. The system is destined to last till the Day of Judgement.

The Auliya Allah have vitalized and strengthened the link of their Channels with our beloved and most adorable Prophet (SAW). Through extreme hard work, extraordinary spiritual labour and self-strife, they take bounties directly from the source. Everyone cannot afford a direct connection from the Dam. The common believers are, therefore, strictly advised to persist with the companionship of Aulia and through this persistent association with them acquire the spiritual charity they are destined to obtain.

Allah has established this system of Spiritual Channels. It is a continued flow of light, furnishing the humanity with Allah’s bounties. Denying this system of Spiritual Channels means denial of reason, awareness and the system of sustenance provision by the Sustainer.

Conquest of the Moon and the Apollo Mission

The necessity of a spiritual connection can also be evaluated by examining an incident that took place in National Aeronautic Space Agency (NASA). The ten year Apollo mission of NASA probe Apolo-10 was heading towards the Moon. The scientists working in Kennedy Space Center Florida, were busy guiding the mission. During the proceedings, the mission’s link with the Control Room on Earth got disconnected accidentally. The mission not only failed to reach its destination but also was doomed in space. After this accident, the Apollo Mission’s next probe Apolo-11 was sent to the Moon. Its contact with the Ground Control Center remained intact; it reached the moon and returned to the Earth safely as per program after achieving the objectives of the mission. The Apollo that lost contact with the Space Research Center was ruined; the one that stayed in contact with the center conquered its mission.

Analogously, Allah has devised a system of goading and guidance to take the believers to the goal of emancipation. The central control of this emancipation mission rests with the Holy Prophet (SAW). Those who succeed in keeping the contact with the center intact receive the alms of his love and the charity of his care and compassion. The one who loses contact is doomed, just like Apolo-10.

Cardiac Screen and Spiritual TV Channel

In the modern satanic era, our hearts are veiled in default and negligence. We decline to receive favours of Allah and the Holy Prophet (SAW). Owing to visionlessness of our hearts, we even deny the very existence of favours and spiritual bounties. In fact, Allah has designed our hearts like TV screens. We think that the TV transmissions have stopped. Nay! they have not. The Channel’s transmissions are continually on; but our receiving sets i.e. the TV sets or the receivers are out of order. We have to detect fault and get it repaired to receive the transmissions. The reception of sound and vision is subject to persistence of connection with the transmission centre. Extending this example to receiving spiritual transmissions, it must be clear that the distribution of spiritual alms never stops. It is malfunctioning of our set that it fails to catch the frequency and receive the spiritual transmission which remains on day and night. You restore the contact today and there you receive the favours without any hindrance.

The link of Auliya with the Sovereign Authority of our Spiritual Universe, our most revered, esteemed and beloved Holy Prophet (SAW) never disrupts. Their cardiac screen is always furnished with the transmissions from Gunbed-e-Khazra Madînah. One of the great Auliya Allah Hadrat Abdul Abbas Marsi said:

If the holy face of Muhammad (SAW) gets out of my sigh even for a moment, I consider myself an unbeliever that moment.1

The cardiac needle of Aulia remains fixed at the transmission from the Channel of the ‘Green Dome’ Madînah. Their contact with the Holy Prophet (SAW) remains round the clock intact and the process of distribution of spiritual blessings continues.

The Special Kindness of Allah to ‘Ashab-e-Kahf’

Thorough and effective comprehension of the Holy Quran attaches special significance to semantic inter-relationship of the Qur’anic verses. While studying the chapter of ‘Al-Kahf’ we should investigate the semantic relations of the verse under study.

With the episode of Ashab-e-Kahf, (the companions of Kahf) this study will bring to fore the message contained in the verse and the episode. They were Auliya Allah from the former Ummah who, under security threat of the cruel ruler and the adversaries of Islam, migrated from their abodes for safety and hid themselves in a cave for shelter. They prayed to Allah:

O’ our Lord, bestow on us your special kindness and provide us with (means of) guidance in our affair.[25]

Allah Almighty accepted their imploration and gave them the happy tiding that He would provide them with His kindness. What was that special kindness conferred on the companions of Kahf needs to be comprehended. An in-depth study of the context of the Holy Qur’an will reveal that the Companions of Kahf reposed in the cave for 309 years. Independent of their physical needs and provisions of life, in a grave like circumstances, they were kept from decomposition and degeneration, which should have inflicted their physical bodies due to atmospheric changes over long 309 years. It was a special shower of Allah’s kindness that the sun changed its course to keep their bodies intact, safe and secure from climatic effects and temperature variations. The 309 Lunar years equal 300 Solar years. They remained there fresh and retrievable for three centuries. For the companions of Kahf, however, such a long span of time took flight in hours. The Holy Qur’an describes:

And you behold, when the sun rises it moves away from their cave on their right and when it sets it shifts away from them on their left and they are lying in the spacious hollow (in the cave).[26]

This is a special sign of Allah that for His Friends, he changed the rules of rising and setting of the Sun, which change was incorporated in the overall system of the universe for long 309 years. He amended a fixed and predetermined heavenly system for 300 rotations of the Earth round the Sun with the sole purpose to keep His Friends safe from any possible damage. He changed the course of nature for His Friends This was the ‘decision’ of the All-Powerful, All-Knowing.

After describing the whole episode, Allah Almighty exhorted, “Those who seek My nearness, must persist with the companionship of my Friends.”

The Holy Quran further specifies:

He whom Allah guides is on the right path but whom He makes stray you will find them friendless with no help or guide.[27]

Allah the most benevolent, the most merciful, lulled the Companions of Kahf to an undisturbed and profound sleep and exalted them to a heavenly status; then he thoroughly engaged and involved them in an ecstatic state of visioning ‘the ultimate reality’. The time got wings to fly and centuries passed like moments. The Doomsday lasting for 50,000 yours would not be more than an Asar Prayer time (late afternoon prayer time) for His Friends. For Allah’s adversaries, however, this would stretch as long as 50 millennia of indescribable agony and pain. The inference is that the time reduces in the heavenly experience of visioning reality; the measure of time changes: centuries pass as moments.

On that day, Allah will direct his angels to arrange for a glimpse of Allah’s sight for those who pursued and sought Him all along their worldly and earthly term of life. Instead of luxuriating in their comfortable and overstuffed beds and couches, they kneeled and bowed their heads down in front of Allah at night ‘for half of night or less or a little more’ to seek His favour, consent and delight. On the day of judgement all veils will be removed and ‘His Friends’ will be positioned on enlightened mounds. For them the day will not be longer than their ‘Asar Prayer’ i.e. a few hours, while for others it will span 50,000 years.

Auliya’s Life after Death

The Holy Quran confirms that “Ashab-e-Kahf” spent three centuries like a few hours. When they inquired after waking up as to how long they had slept, one of them retorted, “a day or a little more”. The time they had actually spent according to the Holy Quran was three centuries, hence undeniable. Nonetheless, their clothes had not worn and the physical well being was intact, as if they had a nap, which restored their strength and vitality.

Then, one of them was assigned to take coins they possessed and go to bazaar to make some purchases. When he paid the coins the shopkeeper felt bewildered and gazed at his customer in astonishment as to wherefrom he had brought centuries-old coins. He refused to accept the payment in the out-dated and antiquated coins. The customer, one of the Ashab-e-Kahf, said, “We took these coins with us a day before.” The shopkeeper replied, “how is it possible? I don’t understand wherefrom have you brought these centuries-old coins.” On that the customer looked curiously at every thing around and felt puzzled to find them changed altogether. Such ‘Auliya Allah blessed with vision’ stay in caves for centuries but their physical conditions remain unchanged, natural and normal. Similarly, such people with vision, in-transit, spend thousands of years in graves and this period passes like a few hours. It is not a contrived parable. The Holy Qur’an has revealed it. Auliya Allah even after their physical transfer from this world, live with an intuition of Allah. What to talk of the Holy Messenger (SAW) who came to distribute the boon of life among the lifeless! And this holy distribution is continuously on even today!

The Pet Dog of Allah’s Friends Remained Alive

There was also a pet dog in the ‘companionship’ of the Kahf Companions. It remained sprawling on the cave entrance for 309 years to guard The Ashab. The Holy Qur’an also mentions this dog:

And their dog is sprawling on (their) threshold.[28]

The dog was blessed with that status owing to its companionship of Allah’s Friends. The commentators on the Holy Qur’an observe that the dog too used to take sides when the Ashab turned their sides while asleep. This resulted out of the perpetual company and association which is emphasized in the Holy Qur’an, “perpetuate their companionship”. Another account of the episode holds that the Ashab made efforts to send the dog away as it could bark and thus alarm and rouse the cruel king’s men to reach them in the cave. They endeavored to drive it away forcefully but the fortunate dog remained tenaciously stuck, received bounties for 309 years and became a significant part of the story.

‘Rasool Allah’ (SAW) the Fountain Head of Allah’s Bounties:

The impeccable emblem of adoration and sincerity, our Holy Prophet (SAW) is the immaculate symbol of benevolence and the embodiment of bliss and kindness for all the worlds and also the Super Magnet of the Spiritual Universe, who received the spiritual charge through both Electric Charge and Contact Methods.

He opted isolation in the solitude of Hira,
And created Ummah, Constitution, and the State.


The solitude of Hira cave unveiled the Spiritual Sovereign of the universe as a paragon of wisdom and sagacity and the unparalleled precedent of love, kindness and mercy for the whole humanity; it fostered him into the peerless and the perfect leader. Owing to his compassion and kind attention, the East and the West became one Ummah with one state with one Qur’an as its supreme law.

Allah Almighty awarded our beloved Prophet the spiritual bliss for the whole universe through blessing him with His radiant sight on earth as well as in the divine solitude beyond the skies during the ascension night. Mentioning bounties of Allah, he (SAW) proclaimed, “Allah blessed me one night with His sight corresponding with His dignity and put His powerful hand in between my shoulders. Due to that I felt a chill in my chest. This lifted all veils from my vision and everything in the earth and the skies became discernible.”

This was one episode of the Holy Messenger’s vision of Allah on earth. His Ascension to the Divine Solitude beyond the skies during the Night of Ascension is both unimaginable and indescribable. He ascended as close to Allah as two ends of a bow or even less than that after which the distances of time and space were diminished to nil and the distance between the lover and the beloved was reduced to nothingness. Here we are required to keep our belief in oneness of Allah firm, accurate and pure. Allah is the Creator and the Only, ‘worth all worship’. The Messenger (SAW) though so close and so dear, is His servant. This difference has to be maintained as part of our faith.

Blessed in this way with all the extents of bliss and bounties the Holy Messenger (SAW) proclaimed:

The one who saw me, saw Allah .[29]

The Prophet Mosses (D) implored Allah for a glimpse of His sight. The request was accorded approval and when the ‘divine glimpse of Allah’ was awarded, Musa(D) could not bear it and fainted. He requested for Allah’s sight number of time even during the Night of Ascension (Shab-e-Mia’raj) but it was put off till the Muslim Ummah was assigned during the Ascension Night fifty prayers a day. Musa(D) on the sixth sky, repeatedly requested the Holy Prophet (SAW) to get the number of prayers decreased till they were reduced from 50 to 5.

When the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) frequently returned from Allah to Musa (D) after having rich views of the beloved Allah , the Prophet Mosses (D) every time gazed at the Holy face of Muhammad (SAW). This way he derived divine pleasure from viewing his face radiant with Allah’s divine reflection. This is how divine riches of Allah’s sight were awarded to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). As regards Allah’s bounties awarded to our beloved Prophet (SAW) in terms of tangible physical world, they are beyond comprehension and imagination. The Holy Prophet (SAW) was awarded all the treasures of the Universe. He became the distributor of these treasures among the believers in the world till the Day of Judgement.

He is assigned to distribute Allah’s bliss. Similarly, Allah’s Friends are tasked to distribute the bounties of the Holy Prophet (SAW) among his followers. The Holy Quran confirms;

He, the one who was dead (i.e. deprived of faith) to whom We gave life (guided) and a light (of faith and awareness) whereby he can (now) walk among (rest of) men (to spread the same light of guidance).1

The object is that there were people whose hearts were lifeless. We enlivened them with the enlightenment of the Holy Prophet (SAW). Getting so revitalized and illumined they now distribute the same light among rest of the people. With this assignment to distribute light (noor) one was placed in Baghdad in the form of Ghaus-e-A‘zam, the other was positioned in Lahore as Data Gunj Bakhsh; some was Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz in Ajmair and the other was Baha-ud-Din Zakaria in Multan to distribute light, guidance (NOOR). One was assigned the same distribution in Sarhand. This ‘noor’ (light) revitalized all dead hearts and now even death cannot conquer them; for them ‘death is mere a change of taste’:

Death is the renewal of lifestyle;
Awakening in the garb of sleep.


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