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Friday, November 16, 2012

Argument No. 15: Intermediation through the Lord’s promise

Allah has made a number of promises to the followers of the Holy Prophet (صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم). If these promises are remembered in a mood of concentration and offered as means while praying, the prayer will be granted by Allah. The holy Qur’ān states:
O our Lord! Bless us with all that which You have promised through Your messengers, and do not humiliate us on the Day of Judgement. Surely You do not go back on Your promise.[31]
The petitioner in his prayer addresses the Lord. He has committed many sins and perpetrated a number of foul deeds but he is now conscious of his sullied career and in a spirit of total humility surrenders himself to the overflowing mercy of the Lord saying: O Allah! Our deeds are not such that we deserve Your mercy and forgiveness, therefore, we pray to You through Your messengers that may You keep us safe from the gruelling and scorching heat and horrors of the Day of Judgement. We are holding fast to your exalted prophets, we are following in their footsteps and we are following the faith they have taught us. Your prophets have also taught us that keeping on to our faith is a means of our salvation and we believe in it sincerely. Therefore, show us Your promise as daylight because You always fulfil Your promises.

[31]. Qur’ān (Āl-i-‘Imrān) 3:194.